ZQS 2017 Quilt Show Information for Guild Members


The 2017 Muskoka Quilts! Show ….. from the heart will:

  • Showcase the talent and work of our members of quilted items made ‘…. From the heart’ . ‘…. From the heart’  will mean something different to everyone
  • Share the art and enjoyment of quilting with the community
  • Provide inspiration, education and ideas
  • Not be formally judged by experts. This show is NOT about perfection:  perfect bindings, perfect quilting, perfect piecing.
  • Select show favorites based on ‘Viewers’ Choice’

What Quilts and Quilted Items are you going to enter?

Are you thinking about what you will be entering into the 2017 Quilt Show?
We need every member to think about what they have made, what they have shared at Sew and Share, what they have in progress, and what right now is just a glimmer of an idea.
All of these quilts are needed for our quilt show!

Criteria for entry:

  • You have paid your membership fee for 2016-2017 year to the Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild of Muskoka. (PTQGOM)
  • Minimally you have pieced the item. Others (who need to be credited) may have provided the pattern or design inspiration or the quilting.
  • All items are clean, quilted and finished.
  • The item has never been shown in a previous PTQGOM quilt show.
    Of course, the quilt may have been shown at a PTQGOM monthly meeting during ‘Sew and Share’.
  • You will volunteer for a 2 hour shift on set-up day or during the show (2 hours volunteer time total, not 2 hours per quilt entered).  And if you can volunteer lots more time at the show – it would be welcomed!

Getting your quilts ready for the show

  • Large (bed size, lap and baby) quilts must have a 4- 6″ hanging sleeve. Instructions follow and will be posted on the web-site.
    • If you already have a 4” sleeve on the quilt – great!
    • If you need to make a sleeve – please make a 6” sleeve. If we need additional quilt stands than the ones already booked – the quilt stands require 6” sleeves.
  • All wall hangings (including miniatures) must have their own hanging  rods
  • Label, Label, Label! (i.e. quilted item, rods, anything else you are providing for display).   We want to make sure everything gets home to you
  • When you submit your quilted item(s), any wrapping materials used for transport will go home with you.
  • Your Quilted Items will be returned in a clear plastic bag.

Quilt Entry Form

For information on how to enter your quilts click  Entry Form.