Quilt Artists of Muskoka

Who are we?
This fun group of 8-15 has been meeting since 2005. Over the years we have tried many art methods for fabric. We learn these methods from books, videos and mainly internet blogs. We sometimes plan short road trips. We dye, paint, stamp, stencil.. whatever… a notice is sent out ahead of the meeting on what to bring and instructions for what we are trying.
Chocolate is important!
We have done a display at three Pinetree Quilt shows. Presently we are meeting at the Baysville Seniors building where we have a kitchen, large working room and a dirty laundry tub… we try to meet the third Thursday of the month, but this depends on availability. We do not meet in December. The cost of the room is $3. You must be a member of the guild to join and be efficient with emails.
If interested, contact Dale at dalecmcmillan@gmail.com or any other member.
We do organize car pools as we have members all over Muskoka and Haliburton.

Collection of albums
All the photo albums the Quilt Artist Meetings are in one collection.     Click Here.

Monthly Meetings

2024 02 14  in Person Meeting   Photo Album

2024 01 14  in Person Meeting  Photo Album

2023 11 16 in Person Meeting  Photo Album

2023  Quilt Artist Display at the Baysville Library November 1st – December 31st   Photo Album

2023  Quilt Artist – Idea Album for Denim Quilts  Photo Album

2023 09 21 in Person Meeting   Photo Album

2023 06 02-03  Quilt Show  Photo Album

2023 06 02-03 Quilt Show – Words  Photo Album

2023 04 20  in Person Meeting   Photo Album

2023 03 16 in Person Meeting  Photo Album

2023 02 16 in Person Meeting  Photo Album

2023 01 12 in Person Meeting  Photo Album

2022 11 17 in Person Meeting  Photo Album

2022 10 24  In Person Meeting  Photo Album

2022 08 31 In Person Meeting  Photo Album

2022 05 19  In Person Meeting  Photo Album 

2022 04 17   In Person Meeting   Photo Album

2022 03 16  In Person Meeting  Photo Album 

2022 02 17  Independent Study  Photo Album

2022 01 20  Independent Study  Photo Album

13 members were present and the technique was collage. If you study the photos the results are starting to look wonderful…Everyone agreed to to continue next month so maybe some will get completed. It was s fun day with lots of laughs and chocolate.

Here are a few collage artists that provided inspiration:

Susan Carlson

Laura Heine

Deborah Shapiro (paper collage)

Katherine Roumanoff

Danny Amazonas

2018 11 15 String Art       Photo Album

Today we tried some string art.  Some tries were on paper and then some on fabrics.
We used paints , inks, dyes to see what worked best. This was done using string, yarn, rope, chain and ribbons.  Soak your  string  in the paint, lay on the cloth, put something on top, put a book on top, hold down and pull string… we enjoyed the process.

See the links below to learn more about this technique:


2018 10 18 Using Nature’s Brushes
Inspired by blogger LuAnn Kessi –  Click to go to blog
Click Here for photo album
2018 09 20 Various Dyeing Techniques 
Click here for photos
2018 08 09 Second  Indigo Dyeing Day at Joanne’s
Click Here for the photo album.
2018 07 12  Indigo Dyeing at Joanne’s
Click Here for the photo album.
2018 06 20 Road Trip to Orillia Quilt Guild to hear and see
Maggie Vanderweit 
2018 05 24 – Shaving Cream and Tissue Paper Dyeing.  Rusting.

To see the techniques used, click on the following links:
                 Tisssue Paper Dyeing 
                 Rust Dyeing – Shibori Style
                Shaving Cream Dyeing

How to make a knot for a t-shirt necklace was shown.

Click Here for the photo album.

2018 04 26 – Freezer Paper Resist

Today we tried freezer paper resist.  It was a success!!!! Some arrived with precut freezer paper designs and others cut their freezer paper designs at the gathering.  The freezer paper was ironed down. A roller or spray was used.   There were some items for show and share.  Another fun day!!!

Click Here to see the freezer paper resist process.

Click Here for the photo album.

2018 03 15 – Tray Dyeing, Snow Dyeing and Parfait Dyeing

The first thing tackled was how to make t-shirt scarves.  Wendy had brought colourful
t-shirts and everyone experimented with the technique.  Click here to see how to make a
t-shirt scarf.

We then  focused on three different types of dyeing.  The end results were very colourful.

Three people came to the Quilt Artists meeting  for the first time.  After show and tell we had a chance to share our backgrounds, interests and stories.

Hanne had previously done fish rubbings and her pictures are included.
Here is a link to  how to do a fish rubbing.

Click Here for the Album.

2018 02 22 – Lectures and Lunch

The Quilt Artists went to the Chapel Gallery  to hear two speakers.

Pam Carnochan focused  on her felting that uses a technique she calls Watercolour with Wool. Pam lives a back-to-the-land lifestyle and this, along with the natural beauty that surrounds her in Muskoka inspires her felted landscapes.  Pam raises her own sheep, sheers, washes and processes the wool, hand dyes it then felts the wool using a dry or wet method. Self-taught, Pam is energized by seeking out new opportunities. She is a passionate environmentalist and conservationist and her voice is evident in her distinctive landscapes. It is Pam’s hope that her art starts conversations.

Lynda Lynn  spoke on colour and the importance of choosing and mixing the right colours.  Lynda explained how to recognize the colours you see and how to mix them. Lynda works with a variety of media and has continued to study art throughout her life.  In addition to her painting, Lynda has worked as an interior decorator, using her eye for placement, colour and harmony assisting home and cottage owners.

Lunch was at the Warbora Restaurant in Bracebridge with some show and tell.

Click Here for the Album.

2018 01 18 – Dishwashing Soap as a Resist

The method was by Julie Booth.  We sponged or painted dish soap onto cloth. Then we painted over it.  The soap is washed out.

Here’s a couple of links to see the technique.
Link One 
Link Two

To see photos from the day …. Click here.

2017 11 16 – Rollers and Stamps

The quilt artists met today, to use rollers and stamps to make some masterpieces.

We met at the Baysville Senior building.
Any guild member is welcome to join the group.  We are meeting in Baysville this year, usually on the third Thursday of the month. Contact any Quilt Art Member for info.

Here’s the instructions of ‘What to Bring’ for this day:

  • $2 for the use of the room envelope will be on the table.
  • Lunch
  • Chocolate
  • Show and tell of dyeing pieces from last month.
  • Rollers, paints, plastic table cloths, slop cloth, paper towels, something to put the paint onto..like a cutting board or a gelli plate…brayer to spread the paint if you have one, whatever you think will work
  • Fabric – can be a piece you want to distress further or new fabric. Should be washed to get sizing out. Bring as many pieces as you like
  • Fabric to give away books to share
  • Return Dyeing DVDs so others can borrow
  • Older fabric paints to share
  • Remember to use the laundry tub when washing off your rollers.
  • We will not be meeting in December.

Click Here for photos and a video.  The first entry in the album is a video of Hanne doing her thing.  Please be patient – it may take a little bit of time for the video to load.  Check it out!

2017 10 19 – Parfait and Tray Dyeing

‘It was such a fun day.
I felt like a magician/Scientist seeing what marvels appeared from the jar.’   

The Quilt Artists met to continue experimenting with the dyes donated by Nan.   The first challenge for parfait dyeing was finding glass jars into which a hand would fit.   After the parfait dyeing, there was tray dyeing.  Click here to see the magic.

2017 09 19 – Tray Dyeing Fabric

The Quilt Artists of Muskoka met in September to tray dye fabric. One of our members moved and gifted us with all her dyeing materials, dyes, DVDs and books.

Click here to see the riot of colours that were created.

2017 03 16 – ‘Glue Gun Stencils’

The quilt artists met today to work on glue gun stencils.
Click here to see the magic they created.

2017 01 19 – ‘Zentangles’

The Quilt Artists met and played with Zentangles.  And they had show and tell.

For the photos from the day.  Click Here.

 2016 11 17 Meeting  – ‘Cheesecloth Day’

Today the Quilt Art Group played with glue and cheesecloth to produce a 3D effect when sewn down on fabric.    Click here to see the photos from the day.

2016 10 20 Meeting – ‘Roll On’

The topic  of the October meeting was “roll on”.  Many toilet paper, rolling pins and paper towels rolls were prepared at home. We got a few good results and some failures. Fun day! Lots of chocolate!!!

Here are the photos: 2016 10 20 Photos

2016 10 14 Rug Class with Al Cote

Four of the Quilt Art Group members took Al Cote’s Rug Making Class.  Here are their completed rugs.
To view all the photos from the Rug Class click:    2016 10 14 Rug Class

2016 09 15 Meeting -‘Cards for the Quilt Show Boutique’

The Quilt Art group had their first fall meeting (Sept.2016) and were busy making fabric/print cards for the Boutique at the upcoming Quilt Show.

Here are the photos:  2016 09 15 Photos

To See all the albums that we have for the Quilt Artists of Muskoka
…. Click here.