Programme and Workshops

Upcoming Programme and Workshops

November 8th, 2018  This month we welcome Brenda Miller from:
Among Brenda’s Quilts and Bags in Strathroy, Ontario. Brenda creates patterns, teaches classes, and conducts trunk show presentations and workshops. She will be speaking about her trip to China where she was invited to promote the art of quilting and bag making to the Chinese people.

November 9th, 2018 – Brenda Miller will facilitate her workshop on “The Every-thing Bag” on Friday at the Sportplex. There are still spots available so if you’d like to participate, please contact Linda Spelling at to sign up ($30.00). Materials for the workshop are available from Sue at Quilting in Muskoka.

December 2018 – Christmas Potluck

January 2019  – Cuddle Quilts/Quilt Bee

February 2019 – Chair Sale and possibly DVD

March 2019 – To Be Confirmed.

April 2019   Lorna McMahon + Workshop.   Website is ‘Sew Fresh Quilts’.
Link to Facebook. 

May 2019    To Be Confirmed

June 2019  June Potluck and Resolutions

September 2019 – To Be Determined

October 2019 – To Be Determined

November 2019 – Maggie Vanderweit + Workshop.  Website 


Past Programme and Workshops


Thursday October 11th Nina Stahlschmidt  explore the fascinating history of Canadian Feed Bags and their popularity between the 1850’s to 1960’s. Nina Stahlschmidt, textile artist and author col-lects and creates quilts, linens and clothing, giving these vintage fabrics a second life.

October 12th  Workshop – Noshi Gulati   Photos
Back by popular demand!  Noshi will be offering her “9 Patch with Attitude” workshop. Sign-up and a supply list will be available at the September meeting. Please re-member that workshop fees must be paid at the time of signing up.

September 13th  Deb Beirnes  Photos
Deb Beirnes is from Elmira. Deb will help us tame our stashes with a lecture  and workshop. Deb will guide us through using up fabric scraps to create beautiful quilts.

September 14th Workshop with Deb Beirnes – There is a workshop on Friday with one space available (due to a cancellation). If you are interested, please contact Linda Spelling and she will provide you with a supply list.

June 2018  June Potluck and Resolutions     Photos

May 10th, 2018     Mary Spring and Terry Howell from Huntsville.    Photos
Mary and Terry have been teaching children how to sew. The students work on small landscape quilts. If you have any fabrics – batiks, blues, greens, browns, greys etc. that could be used in these projects, please being them to the meeting. Batting (15” X 8”) would also be appreciated

Here are links  to articles about Mary and Terry:     
Canada 150.       Girlfriends Weekend.   Landscape Quilting for Youth

April 12th  2018   Sue Patten     Photos
This month we welcome Sue Patten, internationally renowned, award-winning long-arm quilter.   Sue travels throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe teaching her unique and innovative quilting styles to quilters of all types.  Links to Sue’s  Facebook  and Website

April 13th, 2018 Sue Pattern Workshop  ‘Start with a Stencil’  Photos
Sue’s workshop offered  many of her “tips and tricks”. Since you
all could not be there, we thought we would offer up a few!
• To remove sizing from quilt backing, put fabric in the dryer with 3 fabric softener sheets for 60 minutes.
• to prevent your folded quilt from wrinkling, fold with bubble wrap.
• Sue always washes her finished quilts with “Resolve”. Soak quilt in Resolve overnight then wash. Do not hang to dry. Partially dry, remove from dryer and let cool for at least 30 minutes before returning to the dryer. This prevents the batting from ”clumping”.
• Batting has a “right & wrong” side (who knew???!!!). “Grit to the ground, cotton to the clouds”.

March 8th, 2018 Meeting – Noshi Gulati Photos
Noshi will present her trunk show entitled “Airport Security Stole My Scissors” – a result of having to come up with travel sewing projects that don’t involve scissors as she travels back and forth between Canada and India to visit and care for her parents. Her presentation will take us on a journey of the design process for her quilt projects over the years as her skills developed.

February 8th, 2018   Featuring talent from within!   Photos
Members moved through a carousel of 5 mini-workshops offered by members of our guild. Thank you to those who have “stepped up” to share their expertise with others.

Barb Coburn Making Quilt Labels
Wendy Wight – Machine quilting with your walking foot.
Ideas sourced from:  Walk by Jacqui Gehring
Val Welcher  Two Colour Binding  and Flange Binding
Betty Ann McNabb Choosing Colours for Your Quilt
Jan McDonnell Everything you wanted to know about the Library.

January 11th, 2018  A day of  quilting, companionship and conversation. Photos
Our regular meeting room at the arena was open for us from 9:30 until 3:30.  Members brought personal quilting/sewing or worked on a cuddle quilt.  Those participating  packed a lunch,  their  machine and necessary equipment (and perhaps an extension cord). Irons and ironing pads were available.   Tea/coffee and goodies were available.  Come and go as you wish.


December 14th, 2017 – Potluck Lunch.   Photos 
A paper and pencil game was played called ‘Do you Know Your Quilt Acronyms?‘     If you     Click Here  you will find two pages:  one page with the acronyms, followed by a page with the answers.  Enjoy!!

November 10th, 2017 – Workshop – Joni Newman. Photos

Joni  conducted a workshop at the Sportsplex on free-motion quilting on your domestic machine.  This was a fabulous day of learning and practicing many designs for your quilts.

November 9th, 2017 – Speaker – Joni Newman. Photos 
Some of you may have previously met our November guest, Joni Newman of
Quilts and Quirks. She has given classes at our local quilt store and we probably all recognize her wonderful stain-glass design quilts depicting so many iconic scenes from her travels around Ontario. Who can forget the beautiful Postcards of Muskoka shop hop quilt designed by Joni.

October 13th, 2017  Workshop – Janet Slater    Photos
Janet facilitated her “Bugle Boy” Square in a Square workshop.

If you took Janet Slater’s workshop last month or have ever taken a Square in a Square class you will find the following links to Jodi Barrows youtube videos very helpful.  Many of the techniques Janet taught at the workshop but if you need a refresher – these videos are great!


October 12th, 2017 – Speaker – Janet Slater     Photos

Janet presented her trunk show. Janet is a professional longarm quilter with 20 years of quilting experience and many more of creative sewing. She has a studio in a historic school house in Mono, Ontario – one hour north of Toronto.
Janet’s website is:

Janet is a certified “Square in a Square” instructor who has taught at the Creativ Festival in Toronto, and she has provided workshops across the province.


September 14th, 2017 – Speaker – Catherine Timm.   Photos. 

Catherine presented a slide show and trunk show of her fibre arts.
Here’s the link to Catherines website.

September 15th – Workshop -Catharine Timm.   Photos. 

Catherine  conducted a 1/2 day workshop during which participants created a fused art postcard.