ZQS 2017 Quilt Show Entry Form

Two Ways to Enter

The entry form will be available as a paper form and also as an online form.

Two types of information will be captured:

  • Information to prepare a quilt label
  • Information for planning the displays of quilts
Key points
  • Each quilt that you are submitting, has an entry form.
  • If you would like to sell your quilt, then you must include the asking price and your phone number. This allows potential buyers to contact you directly.
  • The size of the quilt is very, very important. This helps with the floor and display planning.
  • For some, writing a story about the quilt can be difficult.  Click on Story Guidelines for help. Jan McD has provided the guidelines and has included the story of her quilt as a sample.
  • Please send a photo of your quilt to muskokaquilts@gmail.com.  Since the photo  is for security and identification purposes, it does not have to be a photographic masterpiece.  However, if you are interested in how to take good digital photos of your quilts, CQA has guidelines. 
  • It is never too early to submit entry forms.
Paper Form

Click on 2017 Muskoka Quilts! Entry Form to see and print the paper form.

For those that do not have email or are uncomfortable with the online form, please submit entries using the paper form. Entry forms will be available at our general meetings and by clicking on the link above.

Online Form

Here’s the link to the Online Entry Form.

The benefits of using the online form are:

  •  No one has to guess as to what was written.   Of course, there may be some editing.
  • Everything you typed will be entered automatically into the show records. Far less work for the committee.
How Will You Know If Your Entry Has Been Submitted?

You are not done until you click on the Submit button.  It looks like:

Your entry has been successfully submitted when when you see:

Thankyou for entering the 2017 Muskoka Quilts! show.   ‘Google Forms’ has sent you an email with your responses.

Edit your response
Submit another response

What To Do If You Have More Than One Entry

You can submit a new entry in one of three ways:

  • As soon as you submit an entry, the computer you will have an opportunity to submit another one
  • Google Forms will send you an email with your responses.  (Keep these emails for your records.)   The Google Forms email will ask if you would like to submit another entry.
  • Or you can use the link above, as many times as you need.
If You Need To Change Your Entry

You can change your entry in one of two ways.

  • As soon as you submit an entry, you will have an opportunity to Edit Your Response.   Make sure the you hit the ‘Submit’ button after editing.
  • Each time you hit the submit button, Google Forms will send you an email with your responses.  At the start of this  email you will have an opportunity to Edit Your Response   to what you had submitted.