President’s Challenge

2018 – 2019 – I SPY QUILT

This year’s President’s Challenge will be  done differently.
During our September and October meetings, members interested in participating will be asked to sign-up for this year’s challenge.
Once we find out how many members will be participating in the challenge, we will send out an email to participants.
Each person will be asked to purchase sufficient fabric (one type of novelty fabric that is 100% cotton), so that each participant receives 1-5”X5” square. The number of squares you would contribute depends on the number of participants. For example, if 20 people participate, you would give out 19 squares of one fabric and would receive 19 different 5”X5” squares (you would keep one of your own squares).
At our November meeting, the exchange of fabrics would occur. You would then have until our June meeting to create your I Spy Quilt. Squares can be modified and inserted into a pattern of your choice.
Time to start looking for fun fabrics.

2017 – 2018  – Wild Thing

What does Wild Thing mean to you?

Wild flowers, animals, quilters on a bus trip? Bring to our May meeting your interpretation…any item – wall hanging, tote bag, placemat – your inspiration. The only boundaries are:
  • Must represent wild thing.
  • Must be no smaller than 12” x 12”
  • Must be no bigger than 25” x 25”
All items will be judged and results will be revealed at our June Potluck.